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Monday, September 29, 2003

Where The Hell Did My Job Go, Cont'd

Next week the September economic jobs numbers should come out. As I posted here a few months back, I like to visit the Bureau of Labor Standards monthly report on the employment situation to gauge how effective the Bush "Jobless Recovery" is. Remember, for the gigantic and grossly negligent Bush tax cut plan to really work it must create at least 344,000 jobs a month. (To get to the five million new jobs that the administration has promised. ) For August, that number was (- 97,000). The tax plan has yet to create any new jobs as demonstrated each month in the Administration's own "Employment Situation Report." Of course, we can expect some back peddling on this and statements about how the government labor statistics, the government's unemployment statistics, the governement's financing foreclosure statistics, the government's declining GDP statistics and the governments growing fiscal deficit are not accurate gauges of how the economy is doing. But I think I will let the numbers speak for themselves.