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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our Story, To Date

Hours since consuming the "Jabo" link: 2 Hours until it fully digests: 32 Cost of a Honda Metropolitan Scooter: approx $2,100. Deal that miss Pamela can get: Unknown but eagerly anticipated. Lunched today with Pamela W, she of the vaulted Carnegie Institute, formerly of Faye Meyers. When not looking into the stars, clip board in hand, Ms. W. lives in L.A. and only has a few chances to drop back in to "D" town to visit friends and family. I think she successfully talked my sister into purchasing a scooter to get about in town, replacing the sick and dying "Big Rig" that MJ has driven for many, many years. My car is also in the shop, getting a tuneup and once over. The overall goal is to get the "Check Engine" light turned off. $800.00 later and we are successful. Eghads. Been doing some Photoshoppijng of digi pics I shot over the weekend. I continue to me amazed at all the many splendid things that Photoshop does. I have had a copy of the application for years but never really did more than crop and size pictues with, which is kind of a waste. I purchased "The Photoshop book for Digital Photographers." and have recnetly begun learning a few helpful digital dark room tricks to save poorly light or poorly composed photos. Hours of fun and once you begin to understand a few simple concepts, like "Layers" and Channels and color curves, it really is quite simple to save most digital snapshots. I think the Congressional race to watch in Colorado this year will be the Democratic primary race in the Seventh Congressional district. Without looking at any poll stuff but just knowing who is running, I say keep your eyes on Ed Perlmutter and Peggy Lamm in that race. The Seventh, current represented by Bob Beauprez is a bit of an oddity. Nearly 30/30/30 in Demoracts, Republicans and Independents, it is a ringed district around the Denver area and includes parts of Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties and is probably one of the most educated districts in the country. I think I favor Perlmutter - he was a decent State Senator. Peggy Lamm, daughter in law of former Gov. Richard Lamm was a decent State Senator as well, when she represented Ft. Collins but she is too moderate and too superficial for my tastes.