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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Likes And Dislikes

Thus far . . Hours since I attended my last Avalanche game: 11 (and a win!) Moments since I washed my most load of clothes: 15 Days since I have folded my laundry: 4 (why can't we invent self folding laundry) Milk Bones ® Bruno has consumed this morning: 3 What a great morning. Car is in the shop for a tune up and a bit of "going over" I paid it off last month and decided to take some of the February car payment money and put it back into the car to keep it running for another two or three years. Walking back in the brisk morning air, I decided to rustle up some breakfast There is a sign at this Mexican restaurant by my house advertising Breakfast burritos. "What a great way to start a day," I thought. However, they aren't open until 10 am. I have to wonder how many breakfast burritos they sell after 10 am. Disppointing. Reading the papers this week, we discover that Hickenlooper won't be running for Colorado governor. Good. He is a great mayor so far and would be doing the city and himself a disservice if he were to take his message and management style statewide. I read or heard somewhere in my travels around the statehouse that the Denver Mayor and the city charter that empowers him, is actually more powerful and influential than the state Governor. The Denver may has many more executive powers and budgetary discretion. Why give up that gig for a state government that is saddled with years of slow poke management and partisan infighting. That leaves so far one Democratic candidate, Bill Ritter, the former Denver District Attorney. Not a bad candidate but I am certain not the best Democrat we could have found in the state. I think for watchers of Colorado politics, the fun will be to watch the GOP primary race between Holtzman and Beauprez. That should be a nice blood letting free for all. May the worst man win.