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this is what you shall do:: I Found Don And Mike On The Web!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Found Don And Mike On The Web!!!

When I first moved to Denver, I began listening to The Don and Mike Show on the radio. It moved around a lot on the AM and FM dial here in Denver, but they eventually disappeared. This afternoon on a whim I decided to check in on my two Radio Gods and voila, they are still around, still broadcasting from WJFK in Fairfax, VA and more importantly, stream their show through Infinity broadcasting. Oh sweet heaven. Available from 1 - 5 pm each day, they are a great morning deejay kind of radio zoo show, however they happen to bring on the zany around drive time each afternoon. Take some time, give it a week or two to get the hang of their groove and dial them up. They will replace the empty in your heart that Stern's absence may have left. And their love of arcane pop culture trivia will win over your heart. It is Seriously, Baby doll, worth the time and effort.