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this is what you shall do:: The Friday Fives

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Friday Fives

1. On what day do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I started hearing about this last week or so. Apparently some families, because of work or travel or lack of tradition, observe T-Day on the Sunday of the traditionally long weekend. Not at our house. The hole affair is steeped in tradition, from the smell of the turkey in the morning to the parades and football games on television. It all must be combined on the last Thursday of November, or the whole deal doesn't count.

2. How do you traditionally celebrate this food filled holiday? Big breakfast with champagne mimosas in the morning. Very traditional meal and watching of the football. Usually ending with a few games of cards and watching a film of some sort on the telly.

3. How do you like your stuffing cooked (in the bird, separately in a dish, store bought, etc.)? Separately. In this part of the country, it is fairly uncommon for folks to stuff their bird, at least among the natives. I don't know why that is, but there it is. I have yet to discern any noticeable difference in taste for either the bird of the dressing when served as two dishes.

4. What is your favorite dessert to eat on Thanksgiving and who makes it? My mom's pecan pie. Simple decadence served on a plate.

5. Can you name five things you are thankful for? I have a job. My car is paid off. My mother is truly happy. My sister is truly happy. Jessica Simpson is getting divorced.