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this is what you shall do:: Bennett, Again

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bennett, Again

So, we remember last week, former Drug Czar and former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett got in some (justifiable) heat for his remarks equating high crime rates with race. In defending his remarks, (not apologizing, defending) he said that his wife has done more to help Blacks in America than the entire Congressional Black Caucus. Let's review. The Congressional Black Caucus includes MLK protege and civil rights movement founder John Lewis. Long time rights activists John Conyers and Harold Ford are among this stalwart group working to keep America's conscience alive. Mrs. Bennett's charity she heads up is an abstinence only educational group. Bill Bennett really believes that all of thea strife, agony, bigotry and hate which so many members of the CBC have fought over the last 30 years pales in comprison to his wife telling teenagers to not have sex? I am still stunned. The guy (i know, I know, I should just ignore him.) is such a joke but unfortunately, still an important and respected voice of the conservative movement. Thanks to Media Matters for putting this argument together.