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this is what you shall do:: The Friday Fives

Friday, September 30, 2005

The Friday Fives

1. When is the last time you lost your keys? About 8 or 9 years ago wile playing late at night with Shelly, Loren and Eddie at the playground at Washington Park. "The Park is closed!"

2. Are you likely to ask for directions when lost or to continue to wander? I will wander for a bit at first. I usually am not completely lost - know where I am at and I know where I need to be. But I have an inconvenient knack for taking a tragic wrong turn and then having to wind myself back to where I need to be. We are taking about driving, right? Oh well, for life it is generally the same answer.

3. Numerology: reliable or just a load of bunk Bunk.

4. Marilyn Monroe. Conspiracy or tragic accident? Tragic accident. The Kennedy's didn't have the bimbo killed. The bimbo was a sad, tragic figure hopped up on booze and pills.

5. Favorite childhood sweets/candy? Red vines and Coca Cola. mmmmmmmmmm. Followed by some angel food cake.