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this is what you shall do:: Coffee Roaster Available To A Win

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Coffee Roaster Available To A Win

I present to you, dear readers, an essay contest. 750 words on your world of coffee and how coffee positively effects your life. Creativity counts. Grammar and puncuation count. The winner will receive a used coffee roaster! That's right friends, my 18-month old roaster is available for the asking to the writer with the best coffee-themed essay. I have upgraded to super coffee roasting appliance heaven and I have a great lil' roaster to pass on to someone else who wants to dabble in a hobby that has fundamentally changed my morning routine. The roaster is well used and has had some wear. It needs a new roasting chamber (Available from the manufacturer for about $6.00) but it is useable. Very much so. And roasts a pot's worth of coffee in about 5 minutes. The winner will get a full coaching on use.

  • Enjoy the knock-your-socks-off freshness of real, fresh roasted coffee.
  • Amaze your friends when you tell them you roast your own beans (the ensuing conversation at the water cooler at work is quite amusing - trust me, I know.)
  • Save money on coffee. (high quality green coffee beans can easily be purchased for about $4.00 - $4.50 a pound.)
  • So, fire up the word processor and get in on the hot, roasting action.

    Send your entry to { roy dot brain at gmail dot com } and leave a comment below when you have entered to help fire up the competition.