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this is what you shall do:: Un-intelligent Design

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Un-intelligent Design

Dearest President Numb-nuts is at it again. Why do they let this man talk out loud? Recently, in an interview with Texas journalists, Bush said that he wished the controversial, psuedoscience, the metaphysical philosophy of Intelligent Design would be taught in American schools along side evolution. I mean really. Intelligent Design? A back door way to get creatinsim taught in the schools. A philosophy that says everything was created according to a specific design of a super intelligent being, perhaps God, and that Darwin's theory of Natural Order and Evolution can't hold up to the beauty and perfection of Intelligent Design theory. It is a philosophy, a bad, poorly thought out philosophy, not a science. I just don't get it. I would explain it better but I am no scientist, nor am I a philosopher. These links at Metafilter lead you to some excellent discussion concerning the controversy by scientists, professors and philosophers who do understand both sides of the argument and shoot the whole ID thing down out of the air. But besides all that sci-en-ti-fic mum-bo jumb-o, let's skip to the kernal of the intelligent design debate and the basic answer that it teaches for every question ever to be posed by anyone wishing to learn - The answer, to every question on every test will simply be "Because that is the way God want's it." or "Because God says so." In effect, the answer will always be the easy and simplistic easy way out - a flat black and white proposal to explain the world full of many shades of color and of gray. Teaching Intelligent Design to a classroom full of eager children sends them into the real world of physics, chemistry and biology, ill prepared to understand the natural world around them.