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this is what you shall do:: A nice, ham-burger sammich

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A nice, ham-burger sammich

I loves me some good hamburger sammiches. Where do you go for your best burger? In Denver, I really like the burger at City Grille and also Teddy T's. The Pub on Pearl used to be a great burger haunt but they lost their cook and the morons who run the joint haven't a clue how to cook a burger. What is important is decent beef, preferably ground round or ground sirloin. And a hand-formed burger - not a thawed out , pre-frozen, pre formed rock of tasteless meat. Some more advice to burger proprietors - spend an extra nickel on a decent bun. Don't go for the cheap McDonalds-like bun. Get a nice bread with some heft and flavor. I appreciate the burger joints attempts at creativity as well, but once again some advice - before you start offering six kinds of cheese, chipotle mayonaise and specail Texas crafted BBQ sauce as burger additions, take some time to perfect the basic burger - Burger, bun, , lettuce, tomato, onion on the side, some ketchup and some mustard. Ahhhh, perfection.