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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Fives

1. What four things do you need to do this weekend? It is a big birthday extravaganza weekend. I need to find out the plan, buy a present and go to the celebration. Oh yeah, and vacume.

2. What were the last three things you purchased? Gas, bottled water, prescription refills.

3. The name of your very first best friend? I am surrounded by many, many dear dear and close friends. But the very best friend, who has joined me in the pledge to destroy the other's porn in case of a major tragedy or indcident, that would be Ed. (Oops. I totally read this question wrong! My very first Best friend was a neighbor kid, Clancy Kingsbury. We were inseparable up until his family moved to Rapid City, SD. )

4. What does it say in the signature line of your emails? " . . .but, I coulda used a little more cowbell. Gene, really explore the studio space this time. I mean really,explore the space. I like what I am hearing. - Bruce Dickenson

5. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say? "OMCSTYL" = OMC (Old Man Car) Style.