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this is what you shall do:: Busy Morning

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Busy Morning

Been surfing away leisurely all day in an attempt to avoid the heat. How to poach the perfect egg I think I may try this next weekend. Really Unusual Cat Name Generator. Some of these names are indeed priceless and could also be used for a name of a band. What a bonus. The Fine Art Search Engine. Search for art and art resources on the web. Kind of fun in a lookie-loo kind of way. Google Landmark Game. This is fun. They present you a famous landmark and you have to go find it on Google Maps. I have posted some very terrible times. My Life Is Beer. With a name like this, how can a website go wrong? A 4096 Web Color Wheel . Need a new color for your web page background? They are all here and fully interactive interface. Mesmerizing. America's Least Wanted.