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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Fives

1. What was the last dream that you had about? Last night, the dream was a bit spooky. All of us Nextel folks (soon to be Sprint folks) were climbing a big hill to this sky scraper and taking the stairs up to a human resources office to apply for a job at a new company. Frankly, I didn't like where that dream was going! But the coffee, in the dream, was divine. And my dad was there too - fishing and drinking a diet Coke.

2. Does it hold any significant meaning to you? Well, yeah. We are going through a merger and work and so yeah, I am certain my subconscious is concerned about a lay off.

3. Do you dream in color or black and white? Full, head on color, baby! I take very vitamin C and vitamin rich daily nutritional supplement shake twice a day and regardless of any health benefits, the Reliv shake I faithfully consume gives me the wackiest and richest-in-detail dreams!

4. What is the most frightening dream you ever had? I had a very traditional falling of a cliff dream many years a go that startled me out of my slumber. And years later I still remember it.

5. Is there one dream that stays clear in your mind despite the fact it was more than a few years ago? See above. Jeez, who screens these questions anyway. Oh wait. I do. I do have another recurring dream. More in that almost awake but not stage in the early morning - when I want to just go back to sleep. I will day dream myself back to sleep dreaming of winning the lottery and how I will spend the money. Puts me right to sleep.