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this is what you shall do:: The Costs Of Becoming The Caped Crusader

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Costs Of Becoming The Caped Crusader

Forbes magazine has hypothosized - based on the home, the lifestyle, his work, and his crime fighting gear, training and equipment - that Bruce Wayne is probably worth about $6.3 billion. (scroll down on the MSNBC story to "Being Batman" for the full accounting. And now that a decent dollar figure has been put to it, I am having a harder time liking Bruce. I have never met a real billionaire, but locally, Phil Anschutz is pretty famous for not being a nice guy. But I have always thought Batman was kind of cool - mainly becuase without super powers he was a great super hero. Now, with a budget attached, the fantasy is dented and busted a bit. Peter Paker and his middle class upbringing and continual struggle for dough kind of takes on a new light compared the vast fortune of the Wayne empire. Alas. What super hero to be. And how. I must get back to the lab and develop my own super compound (probably made with gin!)