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this is what you shall do:: Bob, meet Mark. Mark - Bob

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bob, meet Mark. Mark - Bob

I'm a big Watergate buff and have read about four or so books on it. The enigma of Richard Nixon continues to fascinate me. So this week's revelation that Deep Throat, the Woodward and Bernstein top secret source was Mark Felt - the Deputy Director of the FBI in charge of investigating the Watergate break in has been some great, meaty news. Today, Woodward published in his Washington Post column, how his relationship with Felt came about. Some good reading. For more info on Watergate and the scandal that brought down a president, start here: Watergate (by the Washington Post) and also drop by the national archives to hear the tapes, the infamous Nixon Watergate tapes. Many are on line. Books on the subject that can bring you up to date All The President's Men (obviously) The Final Days (Carl Bernstein tells what happened next. Under rated - a great read.) Blind Ambition (a bit self inflating, but a good read nonetheless) Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail (Hunter does a good job talking around it here. He writes about it more in:) The Great Shark Hunt The Great Coverup (the Watergate story told by Woodward and Bernstein's editor. A very balanced read.)