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this is what you shall do:: The Friday Fives

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Friday Fives

1. What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid? Cap'n Crunch, followed by a close second with Lucky Charms.

2. What is the best toy/prize you ever got in a box of cereal or because of sending in UPC’s? I remember one summer Mom and I saved box tops from King Vitamin cereal and then sent away for his castle and village play set, a monstrosity of cardboard cut outs of midevil fun. It was the best toy ever, I played with it for hours and hours and entire summer. Mom said it was the best $1.50 she ever spent.

3. How do you take your eggs (scrambled, over easy, egg beaters)? I like my eggs either poached or basted.

4. What is your favorite breakfast meat (bacon, ham, sausage)? BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON . . . and occassionally some chorizo.

5. What is your favorite spot (local or chain restaurant) for breakfast and where is it located? Of late, it has been the Bull and Bush - Double Bloody Mary's and Screwdrivers are the special and the Hollandaise sauce is real, it is fresh and it is homemade. mmmmmm.