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this is what you shall do:: Living Will

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Living Will

I am not married, got no kids. Just me swinging free in the world. So why have I decided to sit down and file a living will? Well, the Terry Schiavo fair, the Johnny Cochrane death, even the death of Pope John Paul II, as well as the death of my father has taught me the importance of dying with dignity. Terry Schiavo was 43 years old when she died earlier this month. She had no living will. When she went into her coma, 15 years ago, she was 28 years old. Twenty-eight years old. So I said to myself, I guess 40 years old is not too young to have a living will because at the end of the day, you have no idea what might happen to me, despite whatever condition some unforeseen event leaves me in, I would like to be in control of some of the decisions regarding care. Heavens knows at 28 years old, I was not paying attention to any of these details, and the Schiavo affair has taught me that it is never too early. So, join me and go to Five Wishes and takes some steps to control your later points of your life. It can never be too soon.