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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Fives

1. What is your worst/baddest/weirdest roommate story. My first college roommate, Dan, was such a nerdy, annoying putz. The arrangment only lasted about a semester when he eventually fled. He was an Air Force ROTC dweeb and worked at Target on weekends and had this odd propensity for a. Brining a lot of food - snakcks and soda from target - and cramming them in his closet and then counting them all the time whenever he returned to his room to make sure no ate anything. b. He was a tee-totaller, which in a dorm, in Boulder in 1982 was nearly hypocracy. Our floor mates despised, probably more than me. He would get physically angyr (shaking and sweating) at the smallest crack in his anally retentive protective bubble. I worry that if he stayed with the Air Force and indeed became an officer, his airmen would have killed him in combat. He was that bad. So very much on the edge.

2. How much is too much for a haircut? And how much is too little? I am a hair cut cheap skate. Hell, I can't even seem to get organized enough to get to the barber at least once a month. With that said, I woud say I generally pay about $12.00 for a haircut. $6.00 is too little. You will probably find yourself missing some ear.

3. When opening a bag of chips are you careful and precise or do you tear right into it. Are there any left to store for later? I am fairly precise, opening along the top or using scissors. There are always some left and I end up sealing up the bag for more hot chip action later.

4. Ever take musical instrument lessons as a kid? What did you play? Still remember how? Should we get the band back together, man? Lessons: The organ (??? Mom? What were you thinking?) In high school and middle school I played the saxaphone. I can still remember some keyboard chords and I think I could still play a basic scale on the sax.

5. What is your most memorable drunken experience? Two words: Cruise Room - Ed can tell this story perhaps, although he was the drunk one and I was just batting clean up, literally. In the army, the best story was when me and my drunken cohorts (I always seem to travel in packs of drunken cohorts) got our CJ& Jeep stuck in the mud and had to use the phone and ended up crashing a very nice wedding as we wandered, drunk plastered in mud, through the reception to get to a phone on the other side of a lobby of this fancy Stuttgart hotel.