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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Fives

1. Cholula? Tobasco? Tapatio? Bruce's? What is your favorite hot sauce and what do you like it served with? I am a big fan of Cholula on eggs and I like Surachi sauce on french fries, tater tots and Pat's PhillyCheese sangiunich.

2. Friends is over. ER is getting lame. Reality TV plagues the airwaves. What do you now consider "Must See TV?" The West Wing and Sunday night on HBO is my Must See Capsule. I also stumble over to TRIO a lot, a cable network of some of the oddest most random television. I try to catch their "Brilliant But Cancelled" series where the play older television series that only had a season or less of a run.

3. If you could be a ringer in the White House press room, what SOFTBALL question would you throw to White House Press Secretary Scott Mclellan. "Scott, We all know the president is amazing in every respect, but can you tell the American public just how amazing he really is?"

4. You know "they" are watching you. They watch at work, they watch you in traffic. They see you at the store. What is it they recently saw that has embarrassed you the most. I was picking my nose at a red light while driving to work the other day and so totally got caught by a little kid in the car next to mine. He was shouting and pointing. Not really the proudest moment. 5. In light of, or rather, in honor of Teri and Michael S, of Pinellas Park, Fl, take a moment and craft a light haiku. (remember, the format is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.) No tube in her nose No longer with us she is gone Back to porn we go.