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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Even Faster!

Comcast is at it again. They went in made my service even better. I logged in this morning checking e-mail and find out that my speed has been increased significantly on my broadband cable Internet service. A quick speed test verifies that I am now downloading at 3964 kbps or 3.964 mbps. That is about 69 times faster than 56k dialup. I am usually the first to be angry at some corporate monolilth, but Comcast is giving remarkable good service and it is hard to hate them. So, now with 2+ gigs of gmail storage and lightning fast broadband, a new computer, the ability (using fancy software from Alcohol 120%)to hack and copy nearly any cd or piece of software and continuous speech recognition software, I am enjoying my computer time too much. The next step, narrate the novel in progress to the computer and let the software do the typing for me. It's been a tedious process training the software, but when it works, it scores very high on the whiz bang meter.