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this is what you shall do:: Deadwood

Monday, April 11, 2005


Sweet Mary how I love the show Deadwod on HBO. I've compared the Sopranos to the Godfather meets Shakespeare , however the writing on Deadwod is even more succinct, grandiose, poetic, stilted, and of an era. There is a beautiful feminism voice echoing from this dusty muddy old-town-arcade of North Dakota captured in the badlands of the 1850s 1860s. Deadwod is more than just a western on television. It reminds me of many old-fashioned parlor stories, the comedies of errors, the depictions of clashes of class and manners from Victorian fiction. Creator David Milch of Cop Rock and NYPD Blue fame has certainly outdone himself. He speaks about it this week on NPR's Fresh Air. Much of the writing is done by a staple of women writers, such as Elizabeth Sarnoff and Victoria Morrow, unusual in the genre and their refreshing remarkable voice give the women in this western saga a strong voice indeed deep, often deeper; wise , often wiser than their male companions. If you get a chance you must see this show on Sunday nights, it will not disappoint, it' s really is the best thing on television.