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this is what you shall do:: Week in Review - Via A Whiteboard

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Week in Review - Via A Whiteboard

This was a fun little bit of Internet time wasting fancy. I will be revisiting: From their "About Page" "We live in a time of an ever-consolidating media industry. Fewer news outlets inevitably give way to fewer perspectives. We are saturated with information. There’s more “news” out there than any one person can follow. It is organized at the editorial discretion of it’s publisher, and what’s ultimately communicated is a contrived point of view. Yet we all have experiences. We are all exposed to events. We all pay attention to something. But we don’t all have a say in what becomes headline news. Week In Review offers an alternative. Documenting and reporting hearsay recounts of the news, a forum is created in which people who care and are interested in the world around them can have a voice. Each week, Week In Review participants assemble at a local bar to share, discuss and reflect upon timely news and draw the Week In Review. All stories come from self-appointed correspondents who report on what they care about. Anyone can come; anyone can participate on-line; anyone’s news can become a headline. Our participants’ discretion is what matters. What results is an at a glance, single-sheet, hand drawn representation of the week’s news, posted on-line for the larger, virtual audience. What happens is the news. The news is what happens." weekinreview