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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Fives

1. Would you consider yourself a good singer? How would you describe your singing voice? I am not a very good singer. I can't vocally read music and have to be singing in a group to be able to sing. I don't break out into solos.

2. Do you sing in the shower? What about in your car? Do you sing along to the radio/CDs a lot? Do you prefer singing when you're alone, or do you belt out tunes at any time? I sing in the car and will from time to time burst out in song. Sometimes, I try to sound like Willie Nelson while singing a pop hit from the radio. It's good fun. You should try it some time. Take the sullen moodiness of Willie from, say, "Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain" now apply that sullenness to the latest Christina Aguilera song. Its fun.

3. Who is your favorite singer at the moment, and why? Country music songwriting wizard Steve Goodman. His voice is pure beauty and his songwriting is exquisite. "City of New Orleans" "God Bless Our Mobile Home "Gentle on My Mind"; "You Never Even Call Me by My Name." The guy is a genius. And, unfortunately, no longer with us.

4. Do you ever watch the show "American Idol"? Who will win this year's competition? No a big American Idol fan. I have no idea what is going on this year on that show. Apparently, to read the new, Mario is out and everyone, I mean everyone, is just shocked. Shocked.

5. Name a song that accurately reflects the way that you're feeling right now. I am in a pretty Peter Gabriel mood right at ths moment (Friday, 9 30 a.m.) And the chorus from Solsbury Hill is running through my head. Now what exactly does that mean? Does that mean it is my favorite song? Does it mean that I am suddenly a Peter Gabriel fan? I think not. But are there social implications to the song that runs on reply in the back my mind all day. Can I graph and compile the songs and their frequency in my psyche and get an indication of how my day will be? Songstrology? Crap. I have had too much coffee.