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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Fives

1. If you needed to get ahold of The "A" Team to handle a personal crisis for you, would you know where to turn? I think I could assemble my own "A" team of crack experts for various fields of interest: Ed, of course, for general boozing and related emergencies. Tory if I need to blow something up. Adam if I need to bring in a cleaner to make it go away. Mark would be our scientific potions expert. Julie, of course for the enevitable killins. Lono for long term plotting and Reid for a general all-purpose Bezerker. 2. Hunter Thompson is dead. In his spirit, what is the Gonzo-ist road trip you have ever taken? My long winding drunken trip across Europe in a Jeep CJ-7. We crafted an ice container using the entire hatch back area, filled it with ice and German lager and drove from Stuttgart to London. We stopped at Verdun to see the battlefield, got lost in Luxemborg, ate an amazing asparagus omellette at an autobahn diner (the French equivalent of a Stuckies) and took a ferry trip across the channel, drinking beer dispensed from the vending machine as the locals smoked weed on deck looking at the White Cliffs of Dover. That, my friends, was good time. 3. We were taken out to dinner on the company dime last night to a nice, swank steakhouse. What is the best meal you have ever eaten that you didn't have to pay for? In my newspaper days, as a starving writer, I would get a few meals sent my way. I remember an amazing steak dinner with Pat Grant of the National Western Stock show. It was some old, old cowboy restaurant down in the stock show area but I can't remember exactly where. But that was one excellent piece of steak. 4. Botox? Collagen? Plastic surgery nip and tuck? Hair club for men? How far will you go to preserve your youth? I think any folks who have seen me know that I am just letting the old AARP flag fly proudly. Wrinkles, grey hair, warts and all. I am trying to eat better and exercise more so I am not all crippled up when I get old, but otherwise, what you see is what you get. 5. Ever tracked your biorhythms? Are you having a good day or a bad day? Any other crap like this you might hold onto from time to time? According to this scale, I am having a low emotional day, however, I feel great - so I guess I am not putting a lot of faith in this bunk. I want to believe in something as simple as Biorhytms and Astrology as a way to explain this great world of ours - but let's face it. Life is pretty deliberate when humans intervene and pretty random when Nature responds.