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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? If if broke, could you replace it? For me, it is either the coffee roaster, an absolute extravagance that has changed my life. Coming a close second is the microwave. What a technological thing of beauty that thing is.

2. Did your grandmother have a nickname for you? What was it? How did you earn it. Nope. No nicknames. We weren't a real nicknamey family.

3. What was the last big thing you broke? How did you end up fixing it. A heart? Just kidding. hmmm. Let's see, probably my sister'' Rubbermaid cake holder. It was the unfortunate victim of a tiny, tiny, pittance of a kitchen fire - a fire whose smoke damaged scars still remain - I replaced the cake holder, I haven't repainted the smoke stained wall.

4. If you had your own spaceship, what would you name it and why? What would it be like? "To Infinity - And Beyond!" In David Foster Wallace's essay "Getting Away from Already Pretty Much Away From It All," DFW nicknames the 7 day, 7 night cruise ship he is staying on the "SS Nadir." That has always rung whitty with me. My starship may have the same name, because if we find ourselves in space, with me at the helm of a starship, we are all doomed.

5. March is nearly here! (Thank you, Jesus.) We survived February. (Thank you, Cutty Sark.) Do you have any Spring seasonal change traditions that you observe? A big, drunken Easter blow out has been a solid 15 year tradition. In my home town of Craig, the segue into Spring is celebrated by the Kiwanis club in their annual show featuring tons and tons of booze, pillars of the community in drag doing modern day burlesque and some bad, bad lip synching. It would kill me to find such an adventure here in Denver.