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this is what you shall do:: Craig Ferguson's Late, Late Show

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Craig Ferguson's Late, Late Show

The replacement to the boring and annoying Craig Kilborn, on CBS is Craig Ferguson.

I say this on this blog too much, but it is some great television. I love television when it is entertaining and good. The newest version of the Late Late Show is good.

CBS has made it hard to flip the channel over to Conan.

>Conan is an Irish American from Boston. Charming, funny and polite.

>Craig is Scottish. From Scotland. Talented, funny and naughty - and delivered with a Scottish accent.

That's the closer.

A charming, fun to listen to Scottish brogue giving a monolog and lil' bits of desk comedy "aboot Opr'ha and 'er bins and bins of m'uney." I have started to have dreams with an accent. But a tape in the vcr and give a few episodes a whirl. This guy is a delight and will be a huge star.