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this is what you shall do:: Training

Thursday, January 13, 2005


I have been in a classroom setting at work all week, training for my new job as an activations supervisor for Nextel. It is a new-ish department undergoing a tremendous amount of change virtually every function of the job is changing, so I am coming into it at the right time, with lots of opportunity. However, there is always spring sitting on the horizon. . . So, as I sit in class with limited interne access, I will leave you with this: 5500 US troops have deserted the service since the Iraq war. A quiet reminder that despite Bush's reelection, all is not well in the world and the 1960s are becoming a real familiarity to these times. Friday Fives to follow. Please be patient as I have to run to my desk to post them during a break sometime in the day . . .