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this is what you shall do:: Ramsay Rules!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ramsay Rules!

Gordon Ramsay has become my latest Television Obsession. You have to see this show. It is probably only available on expanded or digital cable and perhaps satellite television, but worth the effort it takes to seek it out.

Ramsay is some sort of reknowned British chef (his three restaurants all have Michelin stars - a huge European gastronmic honor) and he goes around the UK finding really, really horrible restaurants and then, in the course of a week, turns them around with a new menu, new service and some desparately needed training of chefs, line cooks, waiters and owners -hoping to help an ailing operation on its last legs make one more valiant effort and either sink or save them.

It is truly great television.

Most of the reality based stuff has either become cliche' (Survivor knock offs; Trading Spaces knock offs (both stolen from the BBC, by the way.) or they involve things I could care less about (monster choppers and monster trucks and welders. Yawn. Sorry Tory.)

But Food! Restaurants! Chefs! Now I am interested. This show would translate to American television easily. Replace Gordon Ramsay with Anthony Bourdain (or keep Ramsey - he is one charming foul mouthed Brit.) And invade America. The many, many, many truly horrible restaurateurs and would-be restaurateurs need something like this to raise the bar of good food expectations.

You heard it here first - this is the next big hit.