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this is what you shall do:: Good Work, GW

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good Work, GW

I angrily shouted down the White House in their efforts towards disaster relief for the Asian Tsnami victims. But President Bush has upped the bid and is doing as much as he can and perhaps more and I congratulate him and take back my earlier criticisms.

He appointed his father, George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton to manage the fundraising efforts - good job. Two men I admire and respect and able to reach across party and idealogic lines to get the money needed to help the millions of people effected by the disaster.

He has sent $350 million towards the effort. He sent the US Navy to provide immediate food, water, water treatment, medicine, medical aid and Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals. Good Job.

He sent Collin Powell to the area to assess the damage, account for the missing and report back the American people and make a case for more to be done.

Thank you, GW. You are doing the right thing.