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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Fives

1. Attacked by Locusts. Do you apply a suave, a balm or a poultice. Explain. I am generally a balm man, although I sometimes prefer the grit and texture of a poultice (!) What the hell is this question about?

2. We have discussed what you would take to a desert island. But now for where. Where is your "desert island" that you retreat to in your imaginary world. It can take an unfortunate event to make you learn and rediscover some unknown jewels. I want my desert island to be somewhere around the Thailand resort world of Phuket. Do a Google image search on this place. It truly is paradise.

3. Have you ever been a "Storm Chaser" and been an active participant in some really severe weather? I lived my most of my life (the first 30 years.) on the Western Slope of Colorado, full of blizzards and wicked cold winters. And I do enjoy intense, ball busting cold. But the topography of my homeland doesn't really allow tornadoes and I love tornadoes a lot. I would love to be a storm chaser and follow a big twister and thunderstorm across the heartland. But, as my grandmother said, I have no common sense.

4. Phillip Johnson died and got me thinking about my childhood dream of being an architect. What career path do you wish you had taken whenyou had the chance. Well, besides the architect thing, as a boy I wanted to be either and astronaut (when I was young we were still dropping men onto the moon and the whole space thing captivated our generation.) or a helicopter pilot.

5. Homer Simpson poses the question: "If you could make a better beer, what kind of a beer would you make?I think I would go with a nice, dark Scottish Ale. I made some homebrew Scottish Ale once that was totally amazing, but since it was my first or second attempt at home brewing, I don't think I could duplicate it. I took no notes and paid no attention to the thing so I would be starting from scratch. But, to answer the question, I would brew a re-creation - a tribute if you will, of that beer.