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this is what you shall do:: It's De.lov.ely

Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's De.lov.ely

I have about 700 or more bookmarks, all stored away on my computer. Firefox does an okay job managing them and helping keep them organized but sometimes they become a bit unwieldy. And sometimes there is a site you have on you system and home and you can't remember what it is or how to get there and you want a centralized place to get it. Lots of different tools have been developed to help with that (Yahoo has a bookmark manager. You can go to Furl or Backflip.) But after reading about on Metafilter, Fark and Tabletalk, I decided to give it a try. I really like this. It uses a heirachical filing system, much like the way Gmail organizes their conversations. It allows you file a link in several different places and makes retreiving them easy. And my favorite part of the site is you can see what other people are bookmarking/linking as well. Kind of like and unfiltered Metafilter or Fark.

Great fun.

Give it a try.