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this is what you shall do:: Hmm, Aid For Tsunami Ravaged Nations Or Throw A Big Party?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hmm, Aid For Tsunami Ravaged Nations Or Throw A Big Party?

President Bush has repeatedly said that the paltry $35 million in aid that the US is sending to the absolutely decimated Indonesian Sea region, still digging out from one of the worst earthquakes in history, is not a sign that the US is stingy.

In other news The 55th Presidential Inaugural Committee has raised $40 million in donations for the big Bush inaugural ball and has already spent $30 million of it.

Is it just me or is $30 million for a party a pretty dumb thing right now when entire nations' coastlines have been leveled and buried and over 80,000 people are dead (!) ?

It stinks.

Why not dial down the big celebration a bit, perhaps throw a good old fashioned Texas BBQ tailgate party at the Redskins stadium, and funnel the money instead towards the earthquake victims relief efforts. But then again, that would indicate that the original money was paltry and stingy wouldn't it?

Seems as though the GOP would rather the world saw us as stingy and crass, not just stingy.

While we are on the subject, take a moment and send some dough to Oxfam - a great, great developing nations assistance charity that is in dire need of funds. I just sent them $20.00 and I am one poor dude. If you can afford to read this post, you can too.