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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday Fives

1. It's Christmas Eve: What is the holiday tradition in your home? Big meal today or tomorrow? With family ? Go to church? Open presents or wait for Christmas day? As a kid, each year we would load up the presents and head to Grand Junction to go to grandma's house. Recently - the past three years - Christmas has been kind of a catch-as-catch can - shared with friends and a good meal. It is Christmas Eve and I still have no real idea what I am doing for Christmas this year. We used to always go to Christmas Eve services and then come home and open up our presents.

2. I still remember many Christmas' as a kid. What was your favorite? Did involve a special present (toy) What was it? Favorite Christmas? Not really - they all seemed to merge into one big happy childhood memory. There was a year when it seemed my parents went crazy with toys - action figures galore and some tools all under the tree. I found the presents in mom's closet and unwrapped them and played with them a little bit everyday after school. I thought I was so cool. Then one day I came home and mom scolded me after discovering my poor rewrapping job. She threatened to take away the toys. Looking back, I probably ruined Christmas for her because of my youthful selfish greed.

3. What are some of your favorite winter/cold weather activities and/or sports? Sledding is still fun. Heading down a big snow hill on an innertube or a toboggan. We haven't had any real snow the last few years so I haven't been for quite some time.

4. What type of winter coat do you have? Is it your favorite or was there another? Gloves or mitten? Hat or ear muffs? Scarves or face mask? I had this cool black wool coat that I bought in Germany that I eventually gave away for some reason and I miss that coat. It was kind of like a Navy pea coat but a bit heavier and with fancy snapping closures. I am a glove guy and have to have them. I was frostbitten once and ever since I need to keep my precious fingers toasty warm or I am miserable.

5. Would you ever sleep in an igloo or one of those Canadian Ice Hotel thingies? I would love to - thanks. When do we leave? I would love to travel to the North or South pole and see all the glaciers and the majestic barren whiteness.