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this is what you shall do:: Friday Fives

Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday Fives

1. You are trapped in the car on the traditional family holiday road trip. What five things must accompany you on the trip for survival? (Snacks, games, diversions, comfort all come into play.) 1. Springsteen tunes - Hell, all his songs are road trip music. 2. Beef Jerky. Preferably secured from a road side stand by some retiree who makes it himself. That is powerful medicine. 3. Red Vines. I like candy. 4. A good solid pillow 5. A magazine of word puzzles to occupy my mind and make time fly by a bit faster.

2. Along the same lines: If you could take a road trip to anywhere do you just hop in the car and go or lots of tedious, meticulous follow-the-time-table planning? Where does it take you? I am generally a by-the-seat-of-my pants kind of guy. One quick two-second glance at the map and then we are off and hope for the best. I have been hankering for years to take a long road trip to Branson, Missouri - just for the shear eye shock that the place promises. We should pack up the whole gang and head out on the road.

3. Barring the use of plane, car, train or boat - what would be your favorite mode of transport for your ideal road trip (real places aren't necessarily in order for this answer - be creative.) Conveyance: Either a flying carpet or flying jet pack. I think a trip to Casablanca in 1940 - with dinner and dancing at Ricks would be a good trip. As would a trip on the Battlestar Gallactica to the ends of the universe. (I am such a geek but man, I loved that show!)

4. Did you ever play any travel games when you were a kid, such as "the license plate game" or "20 questions"? If you had to entertain Reid on a car trip, how would you keep him from getting bored/antsy during long trips? (If you don't know Reid, insert anyone else, then call me and we will have you meet Reid. He is starting to do well in small groups.) We used to play the roadside sign alphabet game all the time as kids on the road to Hayden from Craig to see Grandma. Once older, we had official road trip bingo games to occupy us on the trips. For Reid, I suggest porn. It always works and always has.

5. New mini topic: This is the start of the holiday weekend celebrations. What is your winter drink? (Booze and soda is hardly considered a special holiday drink.) I mean something fun and special. How is your signature beverage concocted? For the winter holidays, I prefer a Gin Martini. 7 parts Bombay Blue Saphire Gin to one part Dry Vermouth. Shaken in a nice shaker and served into chilled cocktail glasses that have been rinsed with Vermouth. Served with a couple of cocktail onions.