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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

FCC Complaints Coming From One Place?

Drudge is reporting that is the case: "Through early October, 99.9 percent of indecency complaints�aside from those concerning the Janet Jackson �wardrobe malfunction� during the Super Bowl halftime show broadcast on CBS� were brought by the PTC (The Parents Television Council) , according to the FCC analysis dated Oct. 1. (The agency last week estimated it had received 1,068,767 complaints about broadcast indecency so far this year; the Super Bowl broadcast accounted for over 540,000, according to commissioners� statements.)" This group is pretty right wing fundamental Christian and is using existing law and policy to ensure enforcement of a strict Victorian code. Notice the action alerts at their site spelling out what shows or episodes to focus on each week. And the letters they suggest are turning up at the FCC, word for word and used to initiate formal complaints and penalties. Fox recently paid a huge fine based on one of their "Action Alerts." Buzzmachine has filed a Freedom of Information request and can trace the FCC fine of Fox to three people - three different letters, sent in mass, over and over and over again. It is kind of outrageous. It seems The Parents Television Council are the ones in charge and have appointed themselves as the grand inquisitor.