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this is what you shall do:: Disaster Relief Links

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Disaster Relief Links

We talked about where to send some vitally needed cash to help with the Asian Tsunami efforts. See some of the links below. And let's give it up to Denver's own corporate behemouth First Data/Western Union. Their charitible fund has pledged to donate over $1 million in matching funds from funds provided for by their employess. Here are some links:

American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund Direct Relief International International Assistance Fund M�decins Sans Fronti�res International Tsunami Emergency Appeal Oxfam Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Fund Sarvodaya Relief Fund for Tsunami Tragedy UNICEF South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts

The International Red Cross is now reporting that over 100,000 (!?!) people are dead. Malaria and diarhea and a growing pandemic of water borne diseases is already beginning to take hold in the area and the deaths will continue to mount. (Meanwhile the President is on vacation. ho hum.)