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this is what you shall do:: Best of 2004

Monday, December 27, 2004

Best of 2004

The end of the year is near and several tasks are on hand. I need to craft my final draft for my annual celebrity dead pool and take some time to enjoy the many end-of-year retrospectives and best-of lists. Here are a few places to start: List of Bests - a collection of best of lists Year in review - a collection of best of lists. Best Nonfiction 2004 Best Web links The Best 20 Food Books of 2004 as Chosen by Leite's Culinaria Books / Best of 2004 Art Forum's best films of the year. Art Forum's best music of the year. The Onion's best albums of the year. Best Photojournalism of the year. The Nation's Top Outrages' of the year. Games Magazine's Top 100 Games for 2005. (as well as all the others.) Reuters best photos, plus links through Metafilter of many other sources This should keep you busy for the rest of the week.