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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Things I Should Be Blogging About

The election - Bush won, his base turned out. I got sucked into the online hype that the Democrats were gonna win but in the end, a bunch of web bloggers spend more time on line than they do getting of their butt and voting. Democracy isn't point and click. It is the ground game and the GOP beat us at that. I still support a paper trail ballot system to coincide with electronic touch screen voting. But I don't believe that Bush won because all the precincts had "fixed" or fraudulent votes cast with electronic ballot systems. Cryptonomicon - I am just finishing up reading this massive book by Neal Stephenson. Wow, it is great. Funny, convoluted, post modern and epic (at 1130 pages, I would hope it is epic. If you are telling a small story in 1100 pages, you are not doing a good job.) WilcoI saw Wilco over the weekend at the Fillmore (Yea! Ed!) What a great show. For a primadonna reclusive drunken pain killer addled rock star in recovery, Tweedy puts on a show! And he highlights his whole band. Once he gets on stage it isn't all about him, it is about the music. And a polished, if not a little "buy-the-book" performance it was. Mozilla - Get on the bus kids and kick Internet Explorer to the curb. Mozilla Firefox, the true blue internet browser competitor with all the bells, whistles and "chrome" has released version 1.0. The beta testing stage is over. The nightly builds and nightly bug patches are gone. The browser has arrived. Open sourced and free. Download it here. Install it. (4.7 mb is all - so even you dial up types can download it in minutes) (you don't have to do anything with Internet Explorer, just install firefox and learn how the internet can really be.) Adware? never get it. Pop ups? what are those? Malicious Explorer based trojans and Active X security holes? Never happens. Crashes and system hog issues? Left that behind when I switched to Mozilla two years ago. Customizeable skins? Only on Mozilla. Import all your fun and fancy IE bookmarks? Sure. Just point and click. (For added fun, you can figure Mozilla to open two, three, four or more homepages at once. Now that is surfing.) Customizable plugins and addons? Free and as easy and pointing your mouse and installing.