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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Put Down The Xbox And Vote

What I think went wrong. Late night thoughts while tossing and turning instead of sleeping. Bush organized his base to frantic levels. His barn meetings with loyalty oaths and strict attendance guidelines worked. Those at his speeches and gatherings during this campaign were given their marching orders and they responded like good little soldiers. Rove played the gay card and it worked. State ballot initiatives in many key states, including Ohio, asked the voters to ban gay marriage. This issue brought out the fundamental Christian conservatives in droves and eventually tipped the scales. The so-called youth vote for Kerry never materialized. They registered, but in the end, when it came down to putting down their X-box and walking the three blocks to their precinct to vote, they never followed through. Joe Scarborough said it on MSNBC over and over and he was belittled for it, but he was right. They didn't come through and they never do. Kerry lost the women's vote to Bush over security concerns. The Swift Boat flack and destroying Kerry's admirable and honorable military record worked. The pre-election opinion polls were all over the map but basically, they were wrong and too many Democrats discounted some of wisdom in them, hoping to coax a Democratic majority.