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Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Fives

1. What would you absolutely *love* to do, if only you weren't terribly afraid of doing it? Riding a motorcycle. I love everything about motorcycles. They way they look, the sound, the freedom of moving on down the highway. I love everything about them except for the part where they kill people. Once they solve that part, I will be a motorcycle riding fool.

2. What's the sexiest piece of clothing that you own? [Let's exclude lingerie.] How do you feel when you put it on? Where do you usually wear this clothing? My diamond studded, sequined thong. I wear it to work on interview days so that inside, I can feel pretty.

3. Do you remember the very first time that you used the Internet and/or e-mail? What was that experience like? Yup. It was in 1990 at the Gunnison Country Times and we had a freelance stringer, Emerson, who was a real early internet embracer. He let me use his AOL account for a day or so to see what it was like. In 1990, AOL was still a young child and the internet wasn't close to what we have now. Microsoft Internet Explorer hadn't even been developed yet and everyone was trying to surf using some new fangled browser technology by Netscape or something. Maybe it was even as old as the original Mosaic. Looking back, it was like playing an old Atari video game. Fun at the time but hardly worth my time today. 4. What words in the English language do you think are completely overused? Do you find yourself saying any of them? If you could ban particular words from the English language, would you? Why? What words would you choose? Overused/misused: Irony and ironic. It is not ironic anymore when everything is ironic. Words to ban: Orientate (the simple word orient will work fine.) I also hate forced contractions, like 'scripts for medical prescriptions and 'stats for statistics. It lessens the language and makes us lazy. 5. It's cold and flu season, unfortunately. What things have always helped you feel better when you're under the weather? What remedies do you remember being given when you were a child? Zycam, zycam, zycam. Orange juice and lots and lots (I am talking doses of 7 or 8 grams) of vitamin C. And BAM, the cold will up and leave, making you a conqueror. Mom was a big applier of Vicks Vaporub, a vile smelling mess that mucked up my pajamas and sheets. And she also was big on the power dose of Chloraseptic and Dristan.