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Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Who is the most overrated actor/actress/celebrity in showbiz? Presently? Past? Four years ago? Paris Hilton. Pauly Shore. Dennis Miller. 2. At what point do I get to roll up my sleeves and kick some ass? Improper use of turn signals will result in an ass kicking. Applying make up while in the car will result in ass kicking. Eating other people's food out of the break room refrigerator will result in ass kicking. Smoking will result in ass kicking. 3. Describe your favorite movie in 15 words or less. Casablanca is about making the choice of love and country or self preservation. 4. What's the most inappropriate theme/reason to hold a party? Send a card. Buy a present? Party: The destruction of Palestine? Card: Hey, congrats, you have cancer. Present: You've lost your house and family in a cataclysmic hurricaine. Here is a housewarming gift- a blender. 5. Provide a link to The MOST boring website you can find. Mind numbing, poke your eyes out boring is what we are looking for here. Bad design helps, certainly, but content of the most dull order will be the goal. Well, my first inclination was this but is a lame cop out. There is always this doozy, but it seems for formulaic and intentional (and actually funny and kind of hypnotic.) Then I immediately remembered Zombo which is dull in a room-full of clows sort of way. Eventually, however, I settled with this. A thoughtful, deliberate and erudite discussion of geophysics. Not for the laymen, I suppose.