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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Friday Fives

- the post holiday delayed edition

1. Have you ever bought and/or sold items through an online auction (for example, eBay, Yahoo! Auctions, etc.)? Do you remember the first item that you ever purchased through an online auction (or at an online store)? Do you plan to shop online for the upcoming holiday season? The first thing I ever bought on ebay was a video tape on how to play the banjo. Since then I have bought my sister some Goofy collectibles, a stereo, my digital camera, my cdr/rw player for my computer, a set of pots and pans, a vacume food sealer and the list goes on and on. I have a few gifts that I will be buying on line this year 2. What is your shopping style? Head straight for a specific store and pick up the item that you're looking for Browse through everything and then narrow down your choices from there? Do you enjoy shopping? I am a haphazard browser. I don't go aisle by aisle and instead tend to wander and meander. I don't really like shopping and have to be in a very certain mood. 3. Is there someone in your life who is particularly difficult to buy gifts for? What do you usually end up getting him/her? Why are they so hard to buy gifts for? The Rev Ed followed by Reid then probably my sister. Go figure. All of them have eclectic tastes and interests and generally those interests are all across the board. This year I am buying each of them a shiny new liver. 4. Do you prefer to shop at big-name department stores, small family-owned gift shops, or somewhere in-between? Do you tend to patronize local stores as opposed to store chains? Why? Thrift stores and consignment shops is where it's at baby! I make a salary of about $4,800 or so dollars a year and so I have to stretch the budget. This year, everyone is getting shiny tin foil hats to welcome in the second term of GW Bush. 5. When's the last time that you bought something for yourself to enjoy? What was it, and when did you buy it? Do you reward yourself with gifts every so often? Why/why not? I tend to buy for Roy quite often. He likes books and music and gets a lot of it from his benefector, R-Dub.