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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Coalition of the Willing

The assault on Fallujah that began almost immediately after the US elections this month is rapidly turning into a fiasco and the outcome is appalling. The military is virtually leveling the city in an attempt to bring it under control and to dispel the insurgent Iraqi's who have taken up arms against us while trying to defend their homes, families and culture from total anhililation. Recently, an AP photographer stationed in Fallujah told stories of trying to escape. He couldn't leave the city as any men leaving were turned back. Only woman, children and elderly were allowed to leave the city as refugees. All the men are suspected enemies and most of them are being shot - unarmed civilians shot by US troops - their crime - being Iraqi citizens living in Fallujah. The AP reporter relates a story of trying to leave the city by swimming across the Euphrates river. But he changed his mind as he watched US helicopters patrolling the river and shooting anyone in it. He watched a family of five gunned down by airship - an unarmed civilian family shot dead for the crime of trying to peacefully leave the war torn city. This war is spiraling out of control and I still don't quite understand what we are there for or what we have accomplished.