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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Politics, an update

I have been remiss in posting about politics. Don't read that an non interest on my part. I have politic you three or four readers to death. And rather than plaster you all with tons and tons of links, lemme just point you in the direction I have been headed as we head down to the last three weeks of this election. Anything that I may add to a discussion of politics, democrats, local, state or national elections and issues, I general find at the listed sites below. Rather than reguritating what a I find, take a bit perhaps and go here: Dkos Polls, news, diaries, tidbits and even some worthless gossip. If it is being talked about, it will be here. My DD A precursor to Dkos, along the same lines and deep with content. Altercation NYU Professor Eric Alterman is an MSNBC talking head and ofen referred to as the anti-pundit. His books are wise beyond the years and his loathing of Ann Coulter and most political group-think is refreshing. He also wrote a great biography of Springsteen, so add respected Rock journalist to his resume. Josh Marshall The master, usually days ahead of the news curve. Salon's Political War Room Blog And, as an added bonus, I like the front page of AM760 radio (Air America) in Denver for its countdown to the election clock.

I generally spend most of my day at these sites, bouncing back and forth and looking for new gossip and tidbits. If you have undecided voters, if you have conservative or GOP friends sitting on the fence and looking for reasons to vote for Kerry and not for Bush, lots and lots of argument winning ammo can be found.