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Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday Fives

1. We are deep in the trenches of the political season, with congressmen, senators, presidents, oh my. Last week, we talked a bit about the "what-if" vision for your city, if you were mayor. Taking a step back to the bigger picture, what five things do you look for before you cast your ballot? What does it take for a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Green Party candidate to get your vote? I want candidates to be pretty liberal in social policy and pretty fiscally prudent. Balanced budgets and limited unfunded mandates passed down to the states are important. I agree with fairly centrist Democratic principles of strong relationships with our allies and being a wise and careful steward of our land, air and resources. Honesty and integrity and the ability to get past memorized talking points and a willingness to get "off message" to address issues or answer a question is also refreshing in a candidate.

2. The Grammy's were just given out and HBO, with their stable of Sopranos and hot city ladies lunching in the city, clean up. On the other, gave out their first annual "Buffy" awards to television shows that didn't get an awards but deserve one. What teevee shows, movies, albums, books and performers that were given an award in the last year deserve more attention, by blog readers or the public in general. (Short version of this question: Who was robbed?) I love The Wire on HBO, the show that no one watches. It gets no respect and is much better than anything on the networks or other cable offerings. In fact, I am a Sunday HBO whore and will watch anything they put before me. Musically, I wish there were some sort of award category for "best acoustic cover." Back in the gleeful days of the past, I used to love digging around Napster and Audio Galaxy for charming, unheard gems of unreleased live acoustic recordings - stuff you can't find in any record stores. Really great raw and intimate music that deserves to be recognized. Books: Calvin Trillin is a great writer and has been noticeably absent during this campaign. He has been robbed by ignoring his sharp wit and keen observation. And Harper's Magazine should receive the Pulitzer Prize every month for its amazing writing. Not a magazine of pictures, gossip and make up tips, Harper's is a reader's magazine and always forces me to come away with a new awareness of some social issue or world view.

3. In five bullet points or less - explain NASCAR to me. I still don't get it. (And I work for a certain cellular company with a vested interest in the race, where it is a career expectation!) A NASCAR Haiku: Cars travel in circles. Crowds waiting for crashes. Lots of Bar-B-Que is served.

4. Career advice: Name five annoying things your coworkers do around the office/shop. How do you deal with that? 1. Whenever an errant burp erupts, I try to insert an excuse me, to help train the loud burper. 2. I try very hard to avoid office related gossip and chatter. The less I need to hear about coworkers sleeping with coworkers and who is out to get who, the easier the work place is. 3. I am also really annoying in the office. I talk too loud, I tend to butt into conversations and when staring at the computer screen on some complicated project, I tend to pick my nose (unfortunately, this also happens when reading or watching television. ) I think I should go under hypnosis. 4. I hate bad office parking lot parking. Jeesh, how difficult is it to be able to put a car carefully within the lines! And turn that radio down, we don't care what you are listening to. And it isn't as cool as what I am listening to anyway. 5. Talking on the cell phone in the bathroom. This could easily be one of the most annoying of office coworkers habits. What is so important in you life that must be address while sitting upon the 'loo? Really, people, you are not impressing anyone with this particular multitasking skill.

5. It's a rainy autumn weekend ahead. That means cocoa, a DVD or two and perhaps a blankie. I always get nostaligic this time of year for old movies, television and food. And I have a few new books to read. What are you favorite ways to spend a rainy day? I have some bread baking to do this weekend. I will perfect it! And I think I am going to make some soup and read my new book: Cryptonomicon. Maybe this weekend's dark damp weather will be just the thing for me to do a ton of laundry and actually take the time to fold and put the clothes away! Add your comments/answers below by clicking the comment link. Special bonus request this week. Click on the contact link in the upper right hand side of the web page and send me a question or two for the next Friday Fives. >