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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Election Clock Is Ticking

The election is just 10 very, very short days away. Most of you folks reading this tend to be on my side, that i, to replace Bush. Even more of you very few readers share my mindset of Vote Kerry! But time is ticking. You all have a few Republican friends. Folks who are so hell bent on the terror and security issue that they can't see anything else. Terror is one thing, for sure, but so is leadership and frankly Bush has let us down. Take some time to share these links with friends, family, alumni, coworkers whoever you may think is tilting towards Bush or better yet, hovering around undecided. He is currently trending towards a 48% to 49% approval rating, which is just barely enough for Kerry to win without a replay of the courts and the 2000 elections. 100 Reasons and an opinion Win Back Respect Do you belong to Netflix? Do you have a Blockbuster membership? How about inviting a few undecideds over to watch Going Up River or Farenheit 9/11. Get some doubt in those undecide's heads. Months ago on this blog, I said my job was convince five voters to vote against Bush. I have done that. And I know that two of those voters are working on convincing a few of their own. Momentum happens by talking about. You can do it. In the days ahead share a resource or two and work to change some minds. Let's get President Bush out of Washington and return him to his quiet little ranch in Crawford, Texas.