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Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday Fives

1. If you could replace a face on Mt. Rushmore with any face out of recent pop/music culture, who you put there? What about 10 years ago? What about 10 years from now? Tom Hanks, maybe. He tends to play those kind of characters that capture the American spirit. Ten years ago, I probably would have gone with either Bob Dylan or Springsteen. Ten years in the future? Brittany? hmmm. Those kids from Linkin Park? That's a tough one and I have no real thoughts. It certainly won't be Reagan or GW Bush.

2. We have all been terrible people at one point in time. When was the first time you remember getting into a fight? I remember once when I was about five and there were these kids living in the Price's house at the end of the street. And Eddie Taylor told me to go up to this kid on a bike and punch him in the face. And, emphasis on being five, I did. I nailed that kid and for the life of me I can't remember who it was or why I was supposed to be Eddie Taylor's muscle in the hectic life and dog eat dog world of Colorado Street in 1971.

3. As the season's begin to change, so does the body and mood. What happens with you in the fall? I get really clingy to the house and like to nest and cook. I tend to take more walks in the fall when the temperature is cooler and colors change in the foliage in the parks are in full display. That and I watch football. I just discovered I have the NFL channel on digital cable. That's like fall all year round!

4. Finish this sentence: "The one you met at the party the other night" ". . . was taller than me. They are all taller than me. And he was vet. How can I be the most popular kid at a family reunion when the other male at the party is a really tall Doctor who spends his life saving the lives of kitties and puppies. My life sucks.

5. Glasses wearers, will you get Lasix eye surgery? Lasix patients, do you regret it? Those with good vision, come over and let me rub sand in your eyes (see question two.). I doubt I will get Lasix. I have a complicated vision prescription of near sighted, far sighted and stigmatism. There is a lot going on up there. Plus I really enjoy the "jewelry" aspect of glasses - picking out a new pair and sporting eye wear. And I still don't trust the Lasix for the long term. I can't help but think that eventually the eye muscles, as a human trait in general, fail and I will have to wear glasses anyway. So let's wear'em all the time and have fun with it. Add your comments/answers below by clicking the comment link. Special bonus request this week. Click on the contact link in the upper right hand side of the web page and send me a question or two for the next Friday Fives. I am down to some slim pickings, and no one really wants to know some of the stuff left on my list (You thought the puppet question was bad . . . ).