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Friday, September 17, 2004

Citadel In Iraq No Longer Secure

First, let me just say, I like to use the word citadel. Secondly, if it weren't for the fact that it is costing billions of dollars that could be ably spend elsewhere, coupled with the fact that thousands of American's will soon be dead - I would just let Bush have this mess to clean up in a second term. But we can't afford it. The president is campaigning this week, telling anyone who will listen, how secure and wonderful things in Iraq are. Meanwhile, we are told that the Bagdad Command Citadel containing the US and coalition headquarters is no longer considered secure. We have lost Najaf, we have lost Basra. Most of southern Iraq is no longer under coalition control. Al Quada has moved training camps back into Afghanistan; the Taliban control over 30% of Afghanistan and have begun terrorizing families who have women demanding the right to vote and participate in politics. And now we are told the fall of Bagdad, according to generals on the ground, is imminent. We must get this guy out of the White House and get this terrible situation under control. It is frightening how ugly the whole situation is turning. This started as a simple email to a few friends, but the sparks are flying. I usually don't post twice on Friday, so please pardon the dust.