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Monday, September 27, 2004

Caruso Fever

Sometimes late at night I like to turn on the tube and watch an old movie. Hopefully something really bad and sappy and cliche. And, when all the God's are happy and my wishes are granted, that bad sappy film will star one of the worst over/under actors of all time, John Wayne. But it is a new millenium now and a new stable of stars appear in our movies and on our television. And so instead of sappy bad western's and world war II flicks, we get crime drama and The Great Thespian that is David Caruso. It is his affected staccato speech, his obsession with his eyewear and the flair for the overly dramatic. My God, it is some very, very bad television. I never miss an episode. In fact . . . . I think it is time . . . that I start talking . . . like Caruso. All the time.