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Friday, August 27, 2004

Friday Fives

1. What is your dirty little secret, anyway? Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret would it?

2.What were/are some of your favorite toys ever? Major Matt Mason (a 1960s era astronaut), Big Jim (a 1970s era action figure)and all time favorite: Matchbox cars. Between my sister, my neighbors and my cousins, we had millions of them.

3.See if you can remember all the jobs you've ever had (paying, non-allowance related jobs) Lawn mowing (briefly and mostly for allowance). I once started (with a school friend, Judy) a window washing service when we were 14. We did that for two summers. I worked in the dishroom of an old folks home. I worked as a bag boy, a checker and a produce guy at Safeway in high school and college. I was in the Army for three years as a classified document custodian. I waited tables at Pizza Hut for about 8 months. I worked in newspapers as a reporter and editor for about six years including three semester as editor of my college newspaper. I was an RA in the dorms for two years in college in Gunnison. I worked as an overnight clerk at a dorm for two semesters in college in Boulder. I worked as a receptionist at the college radio station. I temped for a company doing desktop publishing in Denver. I worked as a regular move-around temp for a company in Denver for a few months. I covered politics for two years as a reporter in Denver. I worked at a teleconference company as a conference call operator for about 8 months. I worked at two different companies as a customer service rep and a supervisor of a customer care call center. I am currently a fraud investigator for a cell phone company. I am also a writer but really, I want to direct.

4. What album influenced you the most in high school or college? High School - Briefcase Full of Blues - The Blues Brothers. Great music, a great schtick, cool suits and Raybans. What's not to love. College - Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Imperial Bedroom. Angry, loud, overly produced. It was very, very 80s.

5. What are your top five pizza toppings? Pepperoni, cheese, onions, sausage and sun dried tomatoes.